DeFiant Token

DeFiant token is the governance token for DeFiant platform. It features an ever-growing ecosystem thanks to the DeFiant launch pad. All tokens that launch with us create volume. This means our contracts reward the holders!
DeFiant boasts an 8% reward back to holders in the form of Ethereum.
 Alongside that tokens on our platform give a portion of their trading volume directly back into the liquidity pool of DeFiant.

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WEGRO was designed to take back the data and finance industries and give them back to the people.
For the first time ever the value of your data is yours to control.
They are creating a global network of trust. This enables everyone to turn data into decisions, uncertainty into confidence, risk into opportunity, and potential into prosperity.

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Have you ever wanted to own a mining rig to create passive income but don’t have $8,000+ to buy a mining computer?
The Official Mine Token combines the power of project-hosted mining rigs with the benefits of continually earning ETH reflections from ALL transactions. Plus MINE provides additional value through the continuous addition of more mining rigs. They are sending mined ETH to the project’s liquidity pool regularly.

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Access to token pre-sales is a limited commodity in today’s market. With so many honey pots, rug pulls and other scams out there it was almost impossible to find reliable, regular, and fair pre-sales… until now!

Holding MCU token allows you access to participate in Fair Pre-Sales for tokens releasing on MemeCoinUniverse also has a dual utility of rewarding holders a 6% ETH reflection on all volume.

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Shuna Inuverse Is a nex-gen gaming NFT utility initiative. Members will have a unique opportunity to farm Shuna Inuverse Tokens.

NFT’s can be traded, sold and used in multiple meta-verse video games that the team is partnering with. 

We have a solid team of dedicated artists and some amazing new talent that will shine their skills in this new expanding territory we call the DeFi space.

  Nutra Finance

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